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2D Adventure Neon City Riders Gets A 2020 Release Date

Neon City Riders, a post-cyberpunk 2D action adventure from Bromio and Mecha Studios, will release in early 2020.

Set in an 80s inspired sci-fi universe, Neon City Riders places you in the role of Rick, a masked vigilante embroiled in a turf war with four super-powered gang bosses. Each turf, which you can explore in the order of your choosing, comes with unique aesthetics, enemies, mechanics, puzzles, and side-quests, complimenting the title's multi-ending experience. You'll take on a colorful lineup of crews during your journey, including: The Audiobats, Rusty Eagle Warlords, Mutant Scale Brotherhood, and Undead Laser Ravens.


To beat the baddies and liberate the decaying city, you must unlock new superpowers and companions. Your abilities and recruits will help you complete puzzles, allowing you to reach new areas. You also have the option to take on side-quests, which reward you with special items for helping the city's inhabitants.

"After the turf wars started, the whole city was forced to fragment into gangs. Every territory with its resources and people are delimited by violence and controlled by the boss of each crew, except for the Neon District," says the official description. "The Neon District is the central part of the city and remains as a sanctuary, where all the gangs can get their supplies from the Neon City Market, and fighting is strictly prohibited."


"A lot of the Neon City's people have been living in fear caused by the super-powered gangs, waiting for someone to beat the bosses and break them free. The word is on the streets, and a lot of the population shares this cause and they even gave it a name: The Neon City Riders."

Neon City Riders comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in Q1 2020. If you'd like to get to know the game's main cast prior to launch, you can check out each character's webcomic on the official website.