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Rainbow Six: Siege Caps Off Year 4 With Operation Shifting Tides Update

We're close to rounding out the fourth season of Rainbow Six: Siege, but Ubisoft has one more update in store for us before we bid Year 4 farewell. 

Today, Ubisoft launched another big update for the shooter called Operation Shifting Tides. The update comes with two new Operators and a revamped version of Theme Park. Both Operators are medium-speed, medium-armor soldiers. Kali is an Attacker, while Wamai is a Defender. The two met through a private military group under Kali's command. 


Kali brings a CSRX 300 bolt-action sniper rifle with her to the battlefield, and it comes equipped with the LV Explosive Lance under the barrel. The sniper rifle toggles between 5x and 12x zoom, while the underbarrel weapon can destroy gadgets through cover, even reinforced surfaces. Kali's rifle can also destroy barricades and hatches with one shot, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Wamai takes a more crafty approach in Rainbow Six: Siege. He wields the Mag-NET system, a thrown gadget that can magnetically attract opposing grenades and projectile gadgets. He starts each match with one, but he regularly gains more, and can hold up to five at once. Wamai can place these anywhere on the map, laying traps for his enemies. The Mag-NETs are easily spotted, however, so their placement requires careful consideration to ensure enemies don't catch on.


Only Season Pass holders can access the new Operators during the first week. Come December 10, other players can take control of Kali and Wamai. Operation Shifting Tides also comes with a reworked version of Theme Park, an older map in Rainbow Six: Siege. Perhaps the most obvious change to it is the removal of the rail system, but generally speaking, lines of sight have been tightened to prevent spawn peeking. Overall, the map should be more balanced for both sides.