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Grab Jotun Valhalla Edition For Free On The Epic Games Store

It's hard to say no to some free games every week. In fact, that tactic has been a major part of the Epic Games Store's strategy since its earliest days. This week, the digital storefront has Jotun Valhalla Edition on offer, and you can pick it up free of charge until Dec.12.


If you're unfamiliar with Jotun and its beefed up version, the Valhalla Edition, you play as a Viking warrior named Thora who finds herself stuck in Ginnungagap. That's basically the purgatory or limbo of Norse mythology. Unfortunately, she died an "inglorious death," so she doesn't get her place in the majestic, epic halls of Valhalla. She won't stand for that, though, so she does the next best thing: slay a bunch of titans to prove her worth to the Gods. In Norse mythology, these giants are called jotun, hence the game's namesake. You'll travel around this world, hacking and slashing your way through gigantic enemies with your trusty two-handed axe.

Players who beat the original game back in the day still have a reason to pick up Jotun Valhalla Edition, because it comes with a much harder difficulty level. In Valhalla Mode, the jotun really don't pull their punches, so you have to channel your inner Viking warrior to conquer this challenge.


Jotun features a completely hand-drawn aesthetic, courtesy of the talented creators at Thunder Lotus Games, a Montreal-based studio. This commitment to the hand-drawn vibe can be seen in their other games, and it's a visual feast to behold. Sundered has pops of bright, vivid colors in a generally darker color scheme, while the upcoming Spiritfarer looks to be vibrant and sunny, despite tackling themes like death.

After Dec. 12, Epic Games Store will replace Jotun Valhalla Edition with The Escapists, an indie game about breaking out of prison. We don't know what game will fill the slot for the week after, but we should find out when The Escapists goes live.