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PewDiePie Slams Ninja Over Football Tweet

PewDiePie and Ninja were always bound to collide at some point, weren't they? These two titans of online media both live in the video game space — well, maybe not PewDiePie so much, these days — and they both like to speak their minds. It seemed inevitable that, someday, we'd hear chatter from one about the other — both are simply too big for the other to ignore. That day has finally arrived, friends. Strap in.


It all started with a tweet sent out by Ninja on Sunday, Nov. 30, in which the popular Fortnite streamer really laid into college and NFL kickers.

"I'll never understand how college and NFL football teams allow kickers that just... miss... kicks," Ninja wrote. "I feel like there has to be pools of kickers in the USA that won't miss simple kicks. Or snappers that won't mess the snaps idk man it seems so SILLY. Would love opinions on this."

And opinions he received. One notable reply came from fellow content creator DuckyTheGamer, who parodied Ninja's tweet by swapping football out for Fortnite.

"I'll never understand how pro fortnite players can just... miss shots," DuckyTheGamer mused. "I feel like there has to be pools of pro players who can just click on their heads and hit every shot with 100% accuracy, just seems so SILLY."


Now here's where things get really interesting. Rather than laugh off the reply with a good old fashioned "GG," Ninja went all in and defended his earlier tweet, seemingly attacking DuckyTheGamer in the process.

"This is the sh-ttiest reply ever," Ninja shot back. "Fortnite requires movement, editing, building, rotating, and hitting shots. There are not 'positions' in Fortnite. A kickers job is LITERALLY to kick. Horrible analogy, kind of embarrassing."

All of that set the stage for what happened next: a hot take on the matter from PewDiePie.

PewDiePie dunks on Ninja's weird tweet

In a Dec. 5 video uploaded to YouTube — one that was titled, "Ninja made a bad tweet" –PewDiePie took a look at the situation and weighed in. Let's just say his remarks were not all that kind.

"Oh god, hey look, it's — what was it, the best gamer?" PewDiePie said somewhat mockingly as he pulled up a screenshot of NInja's tweet and DuckyTheGamer's reply, reading them both out loud. When he finished, he appeared to take issue with how dismissive Ninja was toward DuckyTheGamer; you know, the part where he called Ducky's tweet "kind of embarrassing."


"Why would it be embarrassing for a random stranger to tweet at you?" PewDiePie asked. "It's like he's projecting what he said is kind of embarrassing onto someone else and he makes no sense at all."

But the YouTuber didn't stop there.

"I think Ninja has potential to be the greatest gamer, okay, don't get me wrong," PewDiePie added. "But like, stop trying so hard. You can have that as a goal without shoving it into people's faces."

For the record, it doesn't appear that Ninja has issued any kind of response to PewDiePie's video at this time. And that tweet about kickers? It looks like Ninja scrubbed that from his timeline. He did post two related tweets later on, essentially stating that he'll never ask the internet for opinions because he was "getting f-cking ROASTED," and that he'd probably catch flack on his next stream for missing "a single build, edit, or shot." But those are from a couple of days back.


We will, however, give Ninja a little bit of credit for having a sense of humor about the whole fiasco. On Dec. 1, he posted the following update:

"I'll never understand why I have so much wine... like... there has to be a wine out there that doesn't give me a hangover... or like... something that makes me feel better in the morning... idk it just seems silly. Would love opinions on this."

Was Ninja a little tipsy when he decided to go in on college-level and pro-level athletes? That would help the situation make a lot more sense.

In any event, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop should Ninja catch wind of PewDiePie's video and offer a retort. Who knows — this could become the start of an amazing feud! Maybe we'll get to see PewDiePie versus Ninja in a Logan Paul-KSI-style boxing match for the ages. Or maybe this whole situation will just fade out and we'll barely remember it in a few months.

We'll have our eyes on Ninja's Twitter feed to see if anything pops up.