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What Class Will Sojourn Be In Overwatch 2?

For nearly as long as Overwatch has been around, Sojourn has been on our screens. We might not have registered it at first amid all the other Overwatch-related buzz, but she was there for a split second in the "Recall" animated short, in which Winston recalled everyone who used to be in Overwatch. Down the line, we'd get more snippets of this mysterious hero, as she appears in a photo in Ana's origin story. When Blizzard teased the Storm Rising event, her voice came on, and Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu confirmed it was Sojourn.


But the questions still remain: Just who is Sojourn? How will she fit into the game? We got a glimpse of her in action in the Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer, which debuted at BlizzCon 2019. Aside from that, Blizzard has kept a pretty tight lid on what we can expect when it comes to Sojourn, but we can deduce a few things based on some hints we've seen.

Our biggest clues for the way Sojourn could play lie in that Overwatch 2 trailer. We see her pull off a slick knee slide while shooting her pulse rifle, so she clearly has a focus on offense. She might not be as mobile as Genji, but she goes from a slide to a high jump, so she seems pretty swift on her feet.

In mid-air, she prepares her other cybernetic arm with some sort of hand cannon, which could be a sign that she has an ability that does big damage but has a cooldown. Her mobility, coupled with the fact that both of her arms turn into weapons, suggest that Sojourn could be an offensive character in Overwatch 2.


However, it's worth noting that Overwatch historically has made some interesting character design choices that blur the lines between classes. Orisa's ultimate fits more under the Support umbrella, yet she's a tank. A glorified mech hamster ball plays the tank role, which is something no one saw coming until it happened. The developers even considered adding a jetpack cat to the game. Point being, what we see of Sojourn now could all just be a red herring. We'll find out what she's all about when she officially joins the roster in Overwatch 2.