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How Long Does It Take To Beat Darksiders Genesis?

Darksiders Genesis is officially out on PC and Stadia, with more platforms to come in the next two months. The isometric action adventure has received middling to positive reviews, with most critics praising the Darksiders spin-off game. Despite the new camera angle, it still plays and feels a bit like an action hack n' slash game, although playing as Strife can feel a bit like a twin-stick shooter. If you're worried about how much of a time commitment the game is, we've got you covered.


Across 11 stages and five boss fights, Darksiders Genesis can take you anywhere from 10 to 20 hours to complete a playthrough. GameRant's Dalton Cooper clocked in at the lowest end of the range, claiming to finish the game in 10 hours. On the other hand, Mashable's Adam Rosenberg sits at the opposite extreme, clocking in at 20 hours of gameplay. In IGN's review, Mitchell Saltzman took 15 hours to complete his playthrough, and Patrick Lee at Escapist echoed that sentiment.

However, just because you beat Darksiders Genesis once doesn't mean your time with it has to be over. After beating it, you'll unlock a New Game+ mode, also known as Apocalyptic difficulty. So if you really like the game and want to continue testing yourself, the developers at Airship Syndicate have your best interests at heart.


Beyond the harder difficulty, there's a lot to explore in Darksiders Genesis, with secrets hidden around every corner. In an interview with Escapist, design director Steve Madureira claimed that part of the game's core involves exploration. This opens the door for players to explore levels more than once, just to 100% the game if they want to.

"A lot of things are hidden throughout. Secrets, puzzles," Madureira said. "The structure of the game is mission-based, so you can replay a mission and look for stuff you missed the first time."

Darksiders Genesis is out right now on PC via Steam as well as Google Stadia. Console players can expect it on Feb. 14.