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How Long Does It Take To Beat Detroit: Become Human?

Detroit: Become Human is about to blow the minds of PC gamers with its Epic Games Store release. The branching narrative paths and intriguing story about androids, free will, and basic rights takes players on a wild journey through a futuristic vision of Detroit. If you're wondering whether this narrative-focused game is for you, you can check out the generally favorable reviews aggregated on OpenCritic. If you're wondering how long it'll take to beat, though, stick around.


Detroit: Become Human initially came out on the PlayStation 4 back in May 2018, so we have a pretty good idea of how long it'll take to see credits roll. On the shorter end of things, Destructoid's Chris Carter claims to have beaten a single playthrough within roughly seven hours. Other reviewers, like Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton, clocked in around 10 hours. IGN's Lucy O'Brien had a similar run, also putting 10 hours on the clock.

HowLongToBeat, a website that takes user-reported completion times, gathers data and averages it to find a somewhat reliable middle ground. It claims Detroit: Become Human will take 11 and a half hours to complete the main story. Based on our play time with the PS4 version of the game, 10 to 11 hours sounds like a good ballpark estimate.


The thing that makes Detroit: Become Human a game unlike most others is the way the narrative is structured. Every choice you make opens a new path while closing off another, and at the end of every level, you're presented with a flow chart that shows you all the possibilities. You won't be able to see everything in one playthrough because that's a central part of the game's design philosophy. In other words, there are a lot of reasons to play this game again and again. GameRevolution's Paul Tamburro estimates it could take up to 40 hours to see everything. That's a pretty substantial amount of time.

Detroit: Become Human is out now on PlayStation 4 and comes to PC via the Epic Games Store on Dec. 12.