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Twin Peaks VR Trailer Shows Off 'Escape Room' Gameplay

Are you ready to enter the world of Twin Peaks? The cult classic show has received the video game treatment, rendered into a VR experience by Collider Games. The game, like the show, is dark, mysterious, and a might bit trippy. The trailer released today shows prospective players a taste of the "escape room" kind of gameplay that Twin Peaks VR has to offer.


Fans will be able to explore, up close and personal, locations from the show like Glastonbury Grove and the sheriff's department. The game is not, however, a walking simulator. Players will have to keep sharp and try to puzzle their way through various challenges. The game's description on Steam encourages players to find easter eggs as well. Twin Peaks VR is definitely the kind of title a Twin Peaks superfan would enjoy — casual viewers might miss little details lovingly rendered by a partnership between Collider Games and the series' co-creator, David Lynch.

The game was announced last year, but this is the first real look at gameplay we've gotten. Fans of the show have anticipated that it will be a truly terrifying experience, but many have pointed out that the only thing scary about the trailer is the state of the graphics. The visuals aren't exactly the high end fare we saw in, say, the Half-Life: Alyx trailer. But BOB the aggressive, floating orb was fairly disquieting. 


Let's be real: Twin Peaks is weird. We should expect the VR game based on the exceedingly strange show to also be exceedingly strange. In the trailer, we see BOB the bite-y, floating orb, the nightmarish lump called "the arm," and some adventuring in interdimensional space. If all this oddness sounds like your cup of coffee, then you can try out Twin Peaks VR sometime this month on Steam or the Oculus Store. (The game is slated for a December 2019 release but still doesn't have a firm date.) It will, eventually, also make its way onto the PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest if you're really sure you want come face to face with... the arm.