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Predator: Hunting Grounds Release Date Announced In New Trailer

Ready to hunt some humans? Rip out some spinal columns? You can do that (virtually) in Predator: Hunting Grounds, the new game from IIlFonic that puts you in the camouflaged skin of the iconic Predator. You won't have to wait long for the hunt either: a new trailer that premiered during Sony's State of Play announced Predator: Hunting Grounds is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on April 24, 2020.


IIlFonic is good at taking old school, cinematic slashers and turning them into hit games. In 2017, they gave good old Jason Voorhees the video game treatment and published the Friday The 13th game. Now it's the 1987 (we'll ignore the 2018 remake) Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick's turn to become more interactive than ever. In Predator: Hunting Grounds, it's hunt or be hunted. Will the puny humans be able to survive an alien attack?

Okay, "puny" might not be the best word choice. The human players are armed to the teeth with guns galore. If you've watched any of the films, then you know that the Predator species only attacks things that have the ability to attack back. Helpless creatures are left alone. They're good sports like that. The new trailer showed off the brutal hunting techniques that the various classes of Predators use. That's right: you can hunt your friends as either a hunter, berserker, or a speedy scout.


There are plenty of weapons to choose from, as well. Today's trailer gave us a bloody look at the arsenal that the game has to offer: stabbing harpoons, sharp throwing blades, a devastating bow, claws that Wolverine would blanche at, and the iconic shoulder laser that makes the Predator oh so deadly. 

Pre-ordering the game gives players access to the '87 Predator Skin and a hunted human's best friend: the "Ole Painless" minigun that is anything but painless. Just a little something to mull over while waiting for Predator: Hunting Grounds to release this coming April.