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Golf Story Sequel Sports Story Is In The Works

The 2017 indie darling Golf Story charmed players and critics alike by mashing together beloved RPG elements with engaging golf gameplay. Sports Story, announced today during Nintendo's Indie World stream, is set to continue this new tradition.


In a tantalizingly brief reveal trailer we saw golf, tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and dungeons. Is dungeon crawling a sport? We're not sure, but we do know that "dungeons, espionage, and mini-games" will be a core part of Sports Story. The trailer continues the charmingly goofy gameplay that players loved from the original Golf Story. We watch as our hero gets creative and combines sports together. Ready for a rousing game of tennis-soccer? Or would you rather take a swing at a toaster? Want to take a break and do some fishing? You can do it all in this surprise sequel.

Back in 2018, Sidebar Games hinted at Sports Story, saying in a tweet, "We're working on a new game, hopefully it will surprise you when we reveal it." This sequel certainly is surprising, but it isn't truly a sequel, according to the devs. "We like to think of it as a separate game that features the same characters and takes place shortly after the events of Golf Story."


Sidebar Games has the internet hyped up for Sports Story, but also dashed fans' hopes of ever seeing Golf Story on a platform other than the Nintendo Switch. For this developer, the Switch is the one true home for Sidebar Games. "The Nintendo Switch is the best and most powerful console, so we found it most suited to our needs."

Sports Story will be coming to the Switch sometime in mid-2020. Until then, don't expect any long-awaited ports of Golf Story to other platforms. The Switch is, after all, "the best and most powerful console."