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Dauntless Comes To Switch In Surprise Launch

Dauntless, the free to play action RPG from Phoenix Labs, has launched for Nintendo Switch. The developer teased the port earlier this year but declined to share a release date, stating work on a Switch version would begin after the team wrapped up their efforts for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


The Nintendo Switch version of Dauntless comes with full cross-platform support, meaning your game progression will follow you no matter the platform you choose to play on. You can even hop back and forth between Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Your friends, whether they're console or PC players, can also join you on your monster-hunting excursions via the game's cross-play feature.

Stormchasers, the latest free expansion, also went live today, adding a new gameplay experience, new Behemoth, new Hunt Pass, and more. Escalation, a new seasonal challenge, consists of five back-to-back Behemoth battles. As you fight through the Escalation islands, your lantern capacitor will charge, awarding Escalation experience you can use to increase your Lantern level, invest in talents, and unlock seasonal rewards. You also receive a permanent +2 bonus to power and resilience that apply to all hunt types for each level you gain. If you play Escalation on its 10-50 setting and earn an Escalation level of 40 or higher, you'll get to take on the season's big boss: Malkarion. 


"We have all heard the legends of the First Slayer and their battle against the "storm dragon" known as the Malkarion," Phoenix Labs shared in an official blog post. "It was inevitable we would learn that the Malkarion, like so many of the recent Behemoth discoveries, was no myth. And while broken island chains riddled with archonite lodestones may be what lured the species out of the Maelstrom's heart, once it spreads its wings there will be no place safe from its power."