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Bizarre Crab Brawler Fight Crab Hits Switch In Summer 2020

The Japanese version of this week's Nintendo Indie World showcase was a little different than the one English speakers watched. The short but sweet presentation highlighted games like beloved RPGMaker classic To The Moon, and a strange new entry in the world of fighting games: Fight Crab.


The title says it all. Fight Crab puts you in the shell of a combative crustacean which uses its claws and various objects to beat the life out of its enemies. Fans of funny fighting games have been aware of this title since its announcement back in 2018, but the Nintendo Indie World showcase confirmed that Fight Crab would officially be scuttling onto the Japanese Switch eShop in summer of 2020.

Right now, an early access version of Fight Crab is available for Windows, but its hilarious formula of fighting will be perfected on the Switch. Trailers and early gameplay have shown that this is a very strange, but undeniably entertaining game. You can arm your crab with any number of weapons, from katanas to rockets to lightsabers. Yes, even lightsaber, and chainsaws too, if that's your thing. The awkward physics make for a seriously funny spectacle. But hey, the devs put in their research. Fight Crab features 19 species of anatomically correct crabs. Think of this as your roster of fighters. 


If you're unable to wait for the upcoming Switch port, Fight Crab is available now on itch.io, boasting 41 weapons to choose from. The game's description tells us that while these giant crabs are all-powerful and intelligent, they will be turned into crab cakes the moment they are embarrassingly turned over onto their shell.

Here's hoping this one makes it stateside.