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Rocket League Addresses Item Shop Backlash

A week has passed since Psyonix replaced the loot boxes in Rocket League with something a little more sinister: the Blueprint Update. For the most part, fans were unhappy with the change, despite it removing the random gambling aspect that loot boxes inherently have. Players can now buy the exact cosmetics they want, but until recently, the prices for them were pretty high.


Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Items are now cheaper in the Rocket League Item Shop, likely due to the backlash the Blueprints initially brought on.

Those starting up Rocket League today will see that rare items cost 50-100 credits, very rare items cost 100-200 credits, import items costs 300-500 credits, and exotic items cost 700-800 credits. Additionally, certain attributes, like Titanium White or Special Editions, add some more credits to the price, depending on the rarity of the item. For reference, 100 credits comes out to roughly $1.

Compared to what they were previously in Rocket League, you could spend up to $20 on just one blueprint. If you didn't, that blueprint would just sit in your inventory, mocking you and your smart financial decisions. This update cuts those prices down by more than 50%. Price reductions like that don't happen without a good reason.


And it seems Psyonix is at least trying to do right by those who purchased items before this shift. If anyone bought a blueprint before the price cuts took effect, they will receive some in-game credits to make up the difference. So, for example, if you bought a 1,500 credit blueprint last week only to discover it's 800 credits now, you'll find 700 credits in your Rocket League account.

Despite this gesture of good will, some skeptics in the Rocket League community believe this was Psyonix and Epic Games' strategy all along. By asking for a lot first and then scaling back, it looks like they're doing fans a favor. Unfortunately for the developers, this tactic — whether intentional or not — has backfired, to some extent.

We'll keep you in the loop should anything else change with regard to Rocket League's Item Shop.