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PewDiePie's New Game Is Too Foul For iOS

PewDiePie has a new game out, but you can only download it on Android — not iOS. It's not the YouTuber's fault that his game isn't on Apple devices, though. The blame for that lies with Apple itself, which allegedly rejected the title from the App Store for using crude and offensive images and sound effects. You'll see why in a minute.


On Dec. 12, PewDiePie published a video titled "My game was banned..." in which he announced the release of Poopdie, a dungeon crawling action game. Not even a minute into the video, however, he said that Apple turned his game down for being too "stinky." In a way, Apple's stance makes some sense. The mobile game centers around a worm that eats carrots and creates sentient poop that fights enemies. The sense of humor doesn't exactly line up with the buttoned-up approach Apple tends to take.

Fortunately for the world, the developers over at Bulbware — the studio behind the game – are doing what they can to get Poopdie approved for the App Store.

"We are currently during the appeal to the Apple Review Board and plan to reach a settlement," reads a rather confusing post on the Bulbware website. "C'mon Apple! We have received hundreds of iOS users' requests who are eager to start pooping!"


PewDiePie says he's also working to get Poopdie on iOS devices.

This isn't the first time Apple has been a bit of a buzzkill with video games. Previously, the company stopped The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth from being on the App Store, citing violence towards children as a violation of its guidelines. The game is available now on the App Store, however, so there might be some hope for Poopdie yet – especially since Binding of Isaac has a similar infatuation with poop-based imagery.

Android users, for what it's worth, can download Poopdie right now.