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A Highly Anticipated Final Fantasy Game Just Got Delayed

On the evening of Dec. 11, the official Final Fantasy Twitter account tweeted some unfortunate news for fans of Crystal Chronicles. The remaster will sadly be delayed until summer 2020, pushing it back from its previously close January release date. While that news may bum out some excited fans, the decision was apparently made with the best of intentions.


"We've made the decision to adjust the release date to allow the development team some extra time to make final adjustments to the game to make this the best experience possible," the tweet reads. "We know you've been waiting patiently for this game, and we hope you'll continue to support us as you have done so far, over the coming months through to launch."

On the bright side, Square Enix also announced that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition will allow you to transfer your save file across platforms. If you get it on both PlayStation 4 and iOS, for example, you could play on the big screen while at home and then pick up where you left off on your phone. That sort of cross-save functionality is something we wish more games would add, so it's nice to see it coming to Crystal Chronicles. It'll pair well with the cross-platform online functionality, which will let you dive into these dungeons with up to three other friends, regardless of what they're playing on.


Overall, the fan reaction on Twitter seems to be pretty understanding, with most people applauding the decision to iron out the kinks instead of rushing out Crystal Chronicles. The game has been beloved ever since it first came to the GameCube, so fans undoubtedly want the best for it.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition will launch on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android sometime in Summer 2020.