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New Bravely Default Title Proves Square Enix Is Bad At Naming Video Games

Octopath TravelerLost SphearVarious Daylife. You don't have to look far to find a bizarrely named Square Enix RPG, but the title the company unveiled at The Game Awards last night really takes the cake. Square Enix officially announced Bravely Default 2, and that was great news for fans who played the original on Nintendo 3DS and its sequel, also on Nintendo 3DS.


But then you might realize we said "sequel," as in, Bravely Default already had one. It was called Bravely Second: End Layer, it was released in 2016, and its existence makes the name Square Enix chose for its next Bravely Default game massively confusing.

On one hand, there might be a plausible explanation for the title. Bravely Default is a beloved game, and Square Enix could be looking to capitalize on its name recognition by letting fans know that this is, indeed, an adventure in that same universe. On the other hand, though — what the heck was Bravely Second? That title is widely considered to be the follow-up to the original, and in fact, its story takes place a few years after the events that unfolded in Bravely Default.


If anything, Bravely Default 2 should have actually been called Bravely Third, or Bravely Default 3. Slapping a "2" on it leaves us with a lot of questions that we hope will be answered very soon.

It's great that Square Enix is bringing back the Bravely Default franchise, and that the company is working on an original new game for the Switch rather than porting over a classic — something its done a lot of lately. But it's pretty obvious now that Square Enix is fascinated with baffling game titles. Perhaps we'll learn that the name Bravely Default 2 makes perfect sense, and we'll wonder why we ever questioned it. But we're not counting on that happening.

Bravely Default 2 will come to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020. Until then: Does anyone even know what Various Daylife actually means?