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New Pokemon Animated Series Title Creates More Questions Than Answers

Pokemon fans, rejoice! A new animated web series set in the Galar region is set to come out soon. Titled Pokemon: Twilight Wings, this seven-part limited series will cover the everyday lives of the people who live in Galar. We'll see the high hopes of their dreams and the crushing truth of reality, all while they work through their hardships in this Pokebattling-obsessed world.


The name of it, though, has us wondering what it could mean. Pokemon: Twilight Wings doesn't overtly sound like it's relevant to Galar or its Pokemon. The legendary Pokemon in Sword and Shield — Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus — all don't really have wings of any kind, let alone twilight wings. The first two are wolves, and while Eternatus can fly, it doesn't flap any wings to do so.

The only Pokemon that comes to mind is Lunala, the legendary Pokemon that graced the cover of Pokemon Moon. While it's not Flying type, it hovers off the ground constantly, and has what you could call wings, even if it doesn't flap them often. More importantly, Lunala embodies the night, which comes right after twilight.


Interestingly enough, we also know that Lunala is in the data for Pokemon Sword and Shield, the games that introduced us to Galar. Once Pokemon Home goes live, you'll be able to transfer your Lunala from Sun and Moon to Galar as well. Perhaps Pokemon: Twilight Wings could have something to do with Lunala, or it might coincide with the launch of Pokemon Home.

On the other hand, though, it could just be a weird name that means nothing. Look at Fate/stay night, a popular anime in its own right. The title, however cool it may sound, doesn't really mean anything. Twilight Wings could come from a similar place.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings will stream on YouTube, starting with its first five-minute episode on Jan. 15. You can expect six more episodes of a similar length before the limited web series concludes.