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Dumb Things Everyone Ignores In Borderlands 3

When it comes to Borderlands 3, Gearbox went for every joke it could: from the writing in the voice-overs to the guns in your hands. This game gives you a gun that shoots more guns and a rocket launcher that shoots cheeseburgers, after all. These sorts of things are dumb, but everyone knows it. You wouldn't bring a cheeseburger to a gunfight, even in the easiest of circumstances.


But what about the dumb stuff we all just accept about Borderlands 3? Most of these items were probably included with fun in mind, but under some scrutiny, the logic of their inclusion just doesn't hold up.

This Borderlands 3 gun is almost too dumb

After spending a couple of hours in Borderlands 3, you'll probably have seen dozens of weird, dumb guns in Pandora and the worlds beyond it. For example, Tediore introduces us to guns that can fly, while all the Children of the Vault guns rev up like car engines. There's one out there, however, that takes the cake because its stupidity flies under the radar: the Magnificent.


This pistol boasts a humongous magazine, so if you need constant suppressing fire, this weapon will do a fantastic job, especially when you synergize with some of the Vault Hunters who can automatically add ammo to the magazine as they fire. But do you know why this gun has such a large magazine? Because it actually has three magazines stuck into it.

The solution is far from elegant, but its ridiculousness fits in Borderlands 3, because the solution here was clearly "more magazines." At the same time, the design works, so it can't be the dumbest weapon in the game.

Where do the guns go?

Every Borderlands fan knows that each Vault Hunter can carry four guns, along with an assortment of other equipment. With a fully decked out character, you could take on the world, especially if all your gear shines that beautiful orange rarity we all know and love. However, have you ever stopped to think about the logistics of carrying all that gear?


For one, these weapons can be pretty heavy, especially when you carry more than one. Beyond that, how are these weapons attached to their bodies? We don't see holsters or straps of any kind. The weapon just disappears while off screen as another shows up in its place.

To be fair, Gearbox did come up with an explanation for this. A lot of things in the Borderlands universe are digistructed. They just appear out of nowhere, your weapons included. So that begs the question, why can't our Vault Hunters holster, say, up to eight weapons at all times? Why limit it to four? Even six would provide players with more options.

How did Claptrap not kill everyone?

We can suspend a lot of disbelief for Borderlands, but this one is pretty egregious. Early in the game, you get your own gigantic spaceship that basically acts as your hub world. It wouldn't be a Borderlands game without Claptrap endangering everyone's safety. He cracks a hole in the ship's bridge, causing the entire ship to depressurize


He saves the entire ship in the most slapstick way he can, and no one really thinks about it anymore after that. We did, though. Every time you return to the ship, you'll find the cracks in the glass haphazardly patched up. You don't need to be a scientist to know that cracks like that won't survive in the harsh void of space.

It's only a matter of time until that hull fails to keep the ship pressurized, and once again, everyone will experience zero gravity. Just thinking about this is enough to give anyone anxiety.

Why isn't there fall damage?

You'll travel to all sorts of planets in Borderlands 3, each presumably having their own sense of gravity to them. If you go to a high point on any planet and jump off, you'll come crashing down to earth. If you crouch while in the air, you'll smash into the ground even faster, doing damage to enemies around you.


We have to ask, however, what kind of damage does this do to our Vault Hunters' knees? We can give FL4K a pass, since he's a robot and could have mechanically enhanced legs. The other three, however, seem like your run-of-the-mill humans, at least in terms of basic anatomy. It's hard to imagine them withstanding a high fall with their own two legs.

Of course, we ignore it because it's fun to jump off high places in Borderlands 3, and it sure beats taking the long way around. We just wonder how Amara, Zane, and Moze feel, especially in their knees.