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Every Change To Seth In Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Explained

Over the weekend, Capcom revealed yet another classic Street Fighter villain that will join Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Seth, the primary antagonist from the fourth game, will join the fray soon, although you might not even recognize him. He went through some drastic changes in the past decade.


The most obvious difference would be in appearance. In Street Fighter 4, he was a buff, human-looking android with a spherical yin and yang in his gut. This time around, he looks a lot more feminine, with long black hair and yellow eyes, but still retains his masculine voice. Seth also comes with other costumes, so if you prefer the old-school look, feel free to choose his Nostalgia Costume.

In terms of gameplay, Seth seems a lot more like a copycat than his previous iteration. A majority of his move set comes from other characters. In Street Fighter 4, for example, he would use Guile's Sonic Boom or Ryu's Shoryuken. In Street Fighter 5, Seth will be able to steal moves mid-fight, making every round more dynamic.


In the reveal trailer, we see Seth use multiple V-Skills, one of them being the Tanden Engine. When using the skill, he reaches into his opponent's gut, stealing whatever their signature move is. So when fighting Guile, Seth can steal the Sonic Boom. After taking Abigail's skill, Seth actually buffs up to mimic his frame. Tanden Booster gives him a speed buff, allowing him to chain together new combos. Tanden Maneuver summons an orb of energy that Seth can manipulate, while Tanden Ignition works similarly to Tanden Booster.

Seth's addition to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition brings the roster up to a daunting 40 characters total, and this includes every villain from previous games in the franchise. He won't be joining the game yet, though. As of now, the newest updates have added another character — Gill — along with some new V-Triggers and balance updates. Seth will join the fight on Feb. 14, 2020, the same day that the Champion Edition releases. You can watch his reveal trailer here, which showcases a lot of his new moves.