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Modern Warfare Hides A Crucial Stat Behind An Insane New Microtransaction

Call of Duty microtransactions have reached a new low. Recently, players have noticed and rebelled against a new microtransaction in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. If players want to see their kill to death (K/D) ratio, critical information that often dictates play strategy, they will have to buy a $20 watch. Yes, you read that right.


Polygon reports that the Mother Russia bundle for Modern Warfare includes a $20 "Time to Die" in-game watch, which allows players to glance at their wrist in the middle of a match to see how they're faring. Since the game was released back in October, players have been outright baffled as to why they are unable to see their K/D ratio in-game. In the Team Deathmatch mode, the aim of the game is to get more kills than deaths. If players are unable to keep track of their K/D, they might have a hard time gauging their performance in a match.

Now, the same players who had been begging for a way to see their deaths are furious that they have to pay for the privilege to do so.

At first it was theorized that developer Infinity Ward decided not to include K/D ratios because players have been known to get infamously toxic about these numbers. Players judge each other, often unfairly, by these scores. Despite this maybe noble aim, it didn't seem to make a lot of sense to scrap the K/D stats altogether, considering how key they are in Team Deathmatch. Dying more than you're killing? Maybe take a more defensive position. 


Unless you're willing to cough up $20 of IRL cash for an in-game item, though, you're stuck keeping track of your kills and deaths the old fashioned way. Let's hope your mental math is up to snuff. Apparently, the "Time to Die" watch is around for just a limited time, so once it's gone, it's gone. Good riddance, if you ask us.