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Puma Launches The Most Ridiculous Gaming Accessory Yet

We've seen a lot of downright bizarre gaming accessories come out over these past few years, but Puma — the apparel company — seems determined to one-up them all. The company is now selling a product called "Active Gaming Footwear," and if you think this one doesn't make a whole lot of sense... well, you're right.


Before you say, "These would be great for VR!" it seems Puma designed these socks (or slippers, or whatever they are) "with console gamers in mind." And the rest of the description is really just *chef's kiss* in that it's trying really, really hard to make these socks sound necessary when they're absolutely not.

"Designed for indoor and in-arena use," it reads, "it delivers seamless comfort, support and grip so gamers can adapt to different active gaming modes and game their best."

In-arena use? You'll be the belle of the ball — or at least the Fortnite World Championships — when you strut in wearing these beauties, right? And what, pray tell, are "active gaming modes?"

Oh heavens. Puma is actually trying to make these a thing.


We've never before seen a company try to brand the act of leaning forward in a chair, but we suppose someone had to be the first.

Dedicated gaming footwear might sound crazy enough on its own, but the price tag Puma put on these suckers might make you fall out of your chair (unless you're in DEFENSE MODE, that is). The company's Active Gaming Footwear, which is currently on sale in Australia, is priced at roughly $110 USD. So ask yourself this question: Do you have more money than you know what to do with? Can you spare some for fancy gaming socks? If so, you're likely nestled into the target market for Puma's Active Gaming Footwear.

Just know that everyone is going to make fun of you should you actually wear these.