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The Real Difference Between Pokemon And Temtem Starters

Back when it was unveiled earlier this month, people couldn't help but notice that the upcoming MMO called Temtem looks a lot like Pokemon. The game has players catching and "taming" mysterious, super-powered critters, leveling them up through friendly battles. Yeah, sounds like Pokemon to us. However, the newest Temtem trailer shows that Temtem is trying something new with the ages-old Pokemon formula.


The new trailer reveals the three starter Temtem that players will have their pick of after creating their custom avatar. Since its start over twenty years ago, Pokemon has always had a fire-type, a grass-type, and a water-type Pokemon waiting for new trainers. Temtem may be trying to distinguish itself by allowing tamers to choose a crystal-type, a melee-type, or a mental-type Temtem.

Crystal-type is utterly unheard of in the world of Pokemon, while melee could be compared to fighting and mental to Pokemon's psychic-type. It's interesting that the three types first available to Temtem trainers don't appear to be as powerful as many starter Pokemon are. There's the lizard-like crystal-type, aptly named Crystle, which is better suited for a defensive strategy. If you're into offense, Smazee is an "elegant battling machine" with powerful melee moves. Finally, there's the mental-type Temtem called Houchic, which can really pack a punch.


If all of this still sounds like Pokemon to you, you're not alone. Nevertheless, Temtem has differentiated itself with these more unique types, along with other attempts at separating itself from the creature-catching legacy built by Pokemon. Nintendo has yet to get around to make an official Pokemon MMO, wherein players can battle friends and interact with strangers, despite fans practically begging for these mechanics. Temtem offers the Pokemon MMO experience with all new creatures, types, and the ability to customize your character in ways Game Freak's titles have never attempted.

Sounds like your thing? Prospective players can sign up for beta stress tests right now, or wait around until Jan. 21 for early access.