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Ridiculous New Game Makes You Play As A Roomba

You might get into the holiday spirit by putting on a festive film like Home Alone. A new game on the Nintendo eShop — released today on "Christmas-eve-eve" as the developers put it — allows you to channel your inner Macaulay Culkin and attack some intruders... with a Roomba.


Roombo: First Blood is a hilarious top-down stealth action game by Samurai Punk. In Roombo (not to be confused with the copyrighted Roomba), you play as an expressive little autonomous vacuum whose cheerily decorated home is invaded by robbers. Rather than alert the police or hide, this industrious yellow frisbee of a vacuum decides that the only course of action is to murder the baddies and then clean up the bloody mess. How is a Roombo supposed to attack full grown robbers? By taking some inspiration from Home Alone and getting creative.

In the trailer, the Roombo can hide from the bad guys – who are stereotypically dressed in all black complete with masks — under furniture. It can also vacuum up weapons like knives from the kitchen floor. No one expects a Roombo to come at you with a knife, after all. But Roombo gets even more inventive than that. The little vacuum causes deadly falls, flings improvised spears, and even traps the invaders in scalding showers. It can also hack into smart home gadgets to do its bidding. Its bidding is, of course, quite violent. 


There are many ways to take down the bad guys in Roombo, but clean up is pretty standard. Just be sure to find all the blood stains before the unsuspecting family returns home! Roombo: First Blood is short but sweet, with just one house and six different difficulty scenarios. You'll have plenty of time to complete this bloody festive adventure before Santa comes. Roombo: First Blood is out today on the Nintendo eShop and Steam.