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The Laziest Dad Loadouts In Games

Modern multiplayer games are more competitive ever, with players doing everything they can to gain a slight advantage over their rivals. Interestingly enough, though, this has given rise to something called the "dad loadout."


The dad loadout is basically the easiest and best loadout to put together for any particular game. It's a loadout that allows you to remain competitive without requiring you to have a whole lot of skill. If you were to hand your dad the controller and say, "Now you try," this is the setup you'd give them so they have a shot at succeeding. And if you're a dad, well — read on. You'll probably want to use these loadouts in the near future.


In Fortnite, you'll encounter players both up close and off in the distance. It makes sense, then, why the "dads" of the world might gravitate toward assault rifles and shotguns.

Assault rifles keep you covered for both long-range and mid-range engagements. They have a decent scope, and depending on how you move, you could pick off a sniper who isn't a crack shot by continuing to land critical hits and dodging.


And as far as shotguns are concerned, they're still pretty outrageous in Fortnite. They're great for those cozier battles, sure, but they actually do a decent job at a little bit of a distance, too. No wonder you'll find all sorts of dads running around trying to shotgun snipe: it can sometimes work.

Destiny 2

In the world of Destiny 2, the preferred dad loadout is made up of guns with awesome perks that are simple to master.

Scout rifles, for example, let you stay at a distance while whittling down an opponent's health. Should you need something for close-range situations, fusion rifles are cake. They require a short charge before firing, but after that, you basically point them at an enemy and watch that poor fool disintegrate. And then there are rocket launchers. If you use one with tracking, you can hang out across the map, lock onto a target, and send a nasty present speeding at them they probably won't see coming until it's too late.


Destiny 2 is where the dad loadout is likely most prevalent, considering it's chock full of guns with special powers and has a slower time-to-kill than, say, Call of Duty. If you're using the above loadout, there's a good chance you're one of the dads.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Believe it or not, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's typical dad loadout shares something in common with Fortnite's.

You'll want a good assault rifle (which there's no shortage of in Modern Warfare) to keep you competitive for all types of scenarios. Long-range, mid-range, and short-range encounters can be handled with an assault rifle. And as for your second weapon — why not try a rocket launcher? It's super lazy, yes, but also highly effective. Chances are, you're going to die a lot just trying to use your assault rifle. A rocket launcher can even the score by giving you something explosive to fire at vehicles and anyone who decides to camp in a window or behind cover.


And firing a rocket both looks and feels cool. You'll impress your kids, for sure — or potentially embarrass them with your newb loadout.