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Boss Fights That Are Practically Impossible In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has come and gone, and while the game was mostly enjoyable — and a fitting tribute to the Star Wars universe — there were a few things we could get nitpicky about. The big one? The bosses.


Here's the thing about boss fights in Fallen Order: The combat, while good, isn't quite tight enough to make failure feel like your fault. Sometimes you don't dodge exactly how you intend. Sometimes you lay down a combo on an enemy, only to see them replenish their stamina bar instantly. And sometimes you try to deflect a projectile, only to have it bash you in the face anyway.

When you add the fact that some bosses don't telegraph their moves very well, the fights can feel extremely difficult, and you can become frustrated pretty quickly.

Here are some of the tougher fights we took issue with in Jedi: Fallen Order.

The horde mode before the final boss

We know: this isn't actually a boss fight in the strictest sense. But it might as well have been. Right before you face off against Trilla in the final encounter, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order essentially makes you run a gauntlet.


You start off by walking in on two Purge Troopers who happen to be training. Two Purge Troopers? Piece of cake! But soon their friends join in on the fun. And once you defeat all of those foes, more come pouring through the doorway. All in all, you have to take down five waves of enemies consisting of Storm Troopers, Purge Troopers, Security Droids, and more. And in between each round, the floors reorient themselves.

This battle will likely devolve into you running around in a circle, picking each enemy off one by one. You'll Force push people into the holes in the floor. You'll hack Security Droids. You will fight dishonorably; not because you are dishonorable, but because you must.

This is probably the toughest fight in the game that is not a named boss fight. So we're going to call it a boss fight anyway.


Trilla, the last real fight

You had to know the Trilla fight was coming and that it was going to be difficult. Trilla is the Second Sister. She is an Inquisitor. She's got all the baddest parts of the Dark Side flowing through her, and she uses a lot of dirty tricks.


Trilla, like many bosses, has unblockable strikes. She can zip across the room and stagger you so long you probably won't get a chance to recover. She can send shockwaves through the ground that'll also do you in. And if she lands a hit on you — even one — your health is going to suffer tremendously.

There isn't a whole lot of room for error in this fight. Trilla does not let up, and trying to hide on the other side of the arena won't grant you much of a repreieve. You'll need stim packs at the ready and a good understanding of her tells. Even then, though, Trilla's moves can catch you off guard.

This is a tough fight. But it's somehow not the toughest.

Taron Malicos, who was harder than he should've been

Let's talk about the Taron Malicos fight for a moment. There are an awful lot of things wrong with this particular encounter, which we think actually surpasses the Trilla battle as the hardest one in the game.


To start, Taron Malicos isn't vulnerable when he seems to be. You take down his stamina, you back him into a corner to start slashing at him, and suddenly he's right back up to fight with a full stamina bar. Next, there are some moves that can knock his stamina bar completely out, yet somehow, he regains it almost instantly. Malicos tosses rocks at you that you should be able to deflect back, but sometimes those either hit you anyway or fly off into some far reach of the arena. And this guy's chained attacks are so long that you'll have a hard time rolling away or parrying without eventually taking a hit.

You fortunately get some assists from Merrin, the Night Sister who eventually joins your squad. But that's only if you can reach those crucial moments. Should you die, you have to defeat two enemies and then run about 30 seconds before you can take another shot. That's almost as annoying as this incredibly frustrating fight.


We hope Respawn learns some lessons from this one. While the combat in Jedi: Fallen Order feels mostly on point, encounters like Taron Mailcos make it seem far more janky. Hopefully Jedi: Fallen Order 2 makes some improvements.