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Soma Developer Could Soon Announce New Game

If there's a developer that knows the horror genre, it's Frictional Games. It worked on the Penumbra series, for instance, as well as the very first Amnesia. And who could forget Soma, the title the studio is probably best known for? Now it appears a whole new game could be coming down the pipeline... and we're very excited.


Astute fans of Frictional noticed that the website devoted to its next project — appropriately registered as NextFrictionalGame.com — changed over the holiday. Now the page features a pulsating dot, and those looking forward to the title seem to be pretty pumped; even if they have no idea what's coming.

"I play single player games for environments/narrative and baby has Frictional delivered on the past," one Reddit user said. "Very confident in their skill t replicate that some more. Bonus points for being a small studio that puts out some fantastic stuff."

"About bloody time, I've been waiting for a game as haunting/atmospheric as Soma for a while now, over 4 years to be exact," said another.


Not everyone has loved the way Frictional has been teasing its next experience, however.

"These hints about teasers about announcing announcements are out of control. Are people really that starved for gaming news?" one user complained.

To that user, we say yes. This change came in close vicinity to a major holiday, where not a lot is going on. In that regard, it was the perfect time to stir up some news — what else is being talked about? Frictional isn't competing with Activision or Ubisoft or some other major publisher for attention, so we can understand completely why the studio might want to get the rumor rill running right now. That's just smart. There's not much we can do about the lack of details being shared, though.

Hopefully we learn more about Frictional's next game in the very near future. Based on the glowing dot and the length of time between Soma's release and now, we think we might get some news pretty soon.