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The Junkertown Queen Might Be Coming To Overwatch

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan did his usual Yule Log livestream, but he was closed lip on any kind of news on Overwatch or the recently announced Overwatch 2. This annual livestream never really reveals any secrets or spoilers, but he did briefly talk about one hero that fans have been wanting for years.


Junkertown is ruled over by a queen with an iron fist, mohawk, and a downright deadly looking weapon. We first learned of her back in 2017, when the Junkertown map was released and she announced that Junkrat's hometown has "No rules. No mercy. Only the strong survive." While a character model was never revealed, we did hear her voice laying down the law (or lack thereof) and see a few propaganda posters throughout the map. Instantly, the fandom was smitten with this queen, but it's been years since Blizzard said anything official about the Junker Queen.

In the livestream, Kaplan read a write-in from a fan that said, "I wonder if the Queen is ever going to be a hero." With the yule log crackling merrily behind him, Kaplan wondered if she'd be support, tank, or damage. That's all we got, folks. Some basic speculation. Even just this tiny bit of speculation is more acknowledgement of the Queen than we've gotten in years. Fans went on to think on their own theories, saying that the Queen would most likely be an addition to Overwatch 2, which explores the story behind the heroes we've been playing as for years. 


Will the Junker Queen be coming to Overwatch? Maybe. Kaplan has finally acknowledged her existence, but only in passing. Fans are hoping that this is a sign that she is on her way. We do know that more heroes are coming before Overwatch 2 releases. Hopefully one of them will be her majesty the Junker Queen.