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New Trailer Gives Sonic The Baby Yoda Treatment

You know that whole Baby Yoda fad that's sweeping the globe? It looks like Sega and Paramount are interested in generating something similar. A new Japanese trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie dropped yesterday, and it features a version of Sonic we've never seen before; one people are now calling "Baby Sonic."


We know, we know: Baby Yoda isn't actually Yoda, so comparing The Child to Baby Sonic isn't quite accurate when you get down to it. That reference would make perfect sense if the movie featured another speedy blue creature who looked like Sonic but wasn't actually him. But we do believe there is a connection between the two, in that Sega and Paramount are hoping Baby Sonic catches the same kind of fire Baby Yoda did. That kind of attention certainly helped The Mandalorian. We imagine it would do the same for Sonic the Hedgehog.

As for why Sonic might feature a miniaturized version of our favorite blue hedgehog, it sounds like some of the movie might delve into the video game hero's origins. Sonic is not from Earth, as you may or may not know. Instead, he's from another planet called Mobius. There's a chance we could see this much younger version of Sonic in his more worry-free days; back before he journeyed to our planet and drew the attention of Dr. Robotnik. If we had to guess, though, Sonic's early days won't be a substantial part of the film.


The internet reacts to Baby Sonic

Of course, when a major new detail is revealed about a movie — or pretty much anything else, for that matter — you can expect the internet will have something to say. And we're not entirely surprised to learn that Baby Sonic already has legions of adoring fans.


"[A]ww look at this cute little chunker, I need to squeeze him badly," said Twitter user @CalebTRM.

"I'll admit, they managed to make Baby Sonic look really cute," said @Lewkiss40.

Hilariously, though, some recalled Sonic's character redesign for the film and realized that, at some point, there must have been a version of Baby Sonic with that more hideous look.

"I would do anythng to see the f-cked up original pre-fixed design of baby sonic," wrote @HardDriveMag. "[S]how me awful baby sonic."

"There being a baby Sonic means at one point there was a baby Sonic with the old design, and that thought terrifies me," added @NitroRad.

And some, it may shock you to discover, did not like the comparisons between Baby Yoda and Baby Sonic. When Polygon confidently proclaimed that "Baby Sonic is the new Baby Yoda," a few commenters showed up to voice their disapproval.


"Wrong," wrote alexdev500 rather simply.

"No, it's not. Not even close," said Brandon Broughton.

Those, by the way, were the nice comments.

Based on what we've seen thus far, it looks like the internet is split into these three camps. There are the people who've fallen head-over-heels in love with Baby Sonic. There are the people who are morbidly curious about what Baby Sonic looked like before the character's redesign. And there are the people who don't appreciate Baby Yoda's "baby of the moment" status being challenged. Where do you stand?

We still have high hopes for the Sonic movie

All the chatter about Baby Sonic aside, we're still very much looking forward to Sonic the Hedgehog. It's been a long while — we're talking decades — since we've seen a video game movie show even an ounce of promise. This one looks to be a love letter to everyone who grew up with Sonic in their living rooms, and you can see it in the tiny details the film pays attention to.


The new Sonic design is right on the money, making sacrifices where necessary (see: Sonic's eyeballs) while still staying true to Sonic's original look. Shots we've seen of Sonic's home planet look as though they were ripped right out of a video game, right down to the symbols etched into rocks. Ben Schwartz sounds like he's doing a terrific job capturing Sonic's personality, which is that of a fun-loving goofball; the kind who would play baseball with himself on an empty field. And we still have a feeling Jim Carrey is going to surprise a lot of people as Dr. Robotnik. Sonic's character requires an equally zany foe, and that's what Carrey does best.

We'll be sure to keep you updated if any other Sonic the Hedgehog movie news drops ahead of the films release on Feb. 14, 2020. Until then, stay tuned.