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Samuel L. Jackson Is Now Slaying Beasts In Bloodborne

We've seen some people do magnificent work with custom character creators in games, but this one might top the rest. An unknown Bloodborne player managed to tweak enough options and move enough sliders to bring Samuel L. Jackson to life in From Software's hit. Now all we want to do is make this character.


Judging by the design, this version of Samuel L. Jackson appears to draw inspiration from the actor's portrayal of Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction. It even looks like the player tried to recreate the suit and tie, though that's difficult to do in the Bloodborne universe. We have to admit: this is a role we could see the real Samuel L. Jackson playing very well. Hacking, slashing, and swearing? Yeah, that's definitely something Sam L. could pull off with relative ease.

Somebody made Samuel L Jackson in Bloodborne from

And we're not the only ones who think so. The Reddit thread where the character was originally shared is full of comments that, essentially, imagine what Jackson might sound like as the lead in Bloodborne. It won't surprise you to learn that most of the lines are NSFW — not safe for work. Or the family home. Or church. Really, they're not safe for any public place unless Samuel L. Jackson himself is saying them. Then they're okay.


Jackson has appeared in video games in the past, so a Bloodborne-type project wouldn't be totally out of the question. Aside from a turn in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, though, most of his voice work has been more family friendly. LEGO Marvel Avengers isn't likely to offend anyone, nor is Disney Infinity or Iron Man 2. We're not sure if Jackson has purposely shied away from doing grittier games or if he's just not been offered spots, but we really hope From Software gets in touch should it make a Bloodborne sequel.

That game's follow-up with Samuel L? It's suddenly become something we really, really want.