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The Riftbreaker - What We Know So Far

What's better than a hack-and-slash game? How about a hack-and-slash game set on an alien planet where you get to wear an epic mech suit? Well if that's the answer you were hoping for, then you're in luck because that's exactly what you'll get with Exor Studios' The Riftbreaker.


In this genre-mashing game, gamers will control Captain Ashley S. Nowak as she traverses the planet Galatea 37. Players will need to construct a way for the inhabitants of Earth to travel to a from Galatea 37 and colonize the planet for habitation. But with all of the threats lurking on the planet, and the need to build suitable shelter while you connect Galatea 37 and Earth, that will be easier said than done.

Though the game was only recently announced, we have a fair bit of information on what we can expect. So here is everything we know about The Riftbreaker release date, trailer, gameplay, and platforms.

What is the release date for The Riftbreaker?

Though no official release date has been nailed down for The Riftbreaker, we do have a general window: We can expect to see the game released sometime in 2020. This may leave a lot up in the air, but with the impressive gameplay footage we've seen, we're hoping the game is close to being completed. We'll post any updates as soon as they're given.


Is there a trailer for The Riftbreaker?

The launch trailer for The Riftbreaker gives us a glimpse at our main protagonist, Captain Ashley S. Nowak, as she explores Galatea 37 for a good place to start her field base setup. We also see her come up against a shrouded, ominous foe that we're assuming we'll meet in the game. The look at the massive mech suit Captain Nowak wears also gives players a few insights into possible abilities.


Though the entire thing is very vague and the cinematic style shows off the aesthetic of the game rather than actual gameplay footage, it's still enough to get us excited for the release.

What will gameplay for The Riftbreaker be like?

The Riftbreaker pits players against hordes of enemies, the elements, and even their own multi-tasking abilities as they traverse the planet in their mech suit. The end goal is to gain enough knowledge and resources to build a way back to Earth. But with enemies all around and the constant pull between defending the base and venturing out to obtain more resources and skills, players will need to prioritize to stay alive.


The Riftbreaker is a difficult game to categorize, which makes gameplay a bit eclectic. Mixing elements of a building game, real-time strategy, survival, action RPG, and tower defense, players will find a nice mix of genres in their gameplay. For fans of titles like Diablo and Warcraft, you'll find the style of gameplay familiar. And running on gaming engine The Schmetterling 2.0, the graphics and physics are impressive in their own right. One thing is certain with this new title: it will appeal to a wide audience and you won't get bored playing it.

What platforms will The Riftbreaker be available on?

At the time of its launch, The Riftbreaker will be available on the Steam store for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. At present, there are no plans to release the game on the Nintendo Switch.