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Destiny Players Have A Theory About Why Guardians Never Fail

Not all video games have a happy ending. The hero doesn't always save the day, and sometimes, things go terribly wrong. That doesn't seem to happen in the world of Destiny, however, where our Guardians are perfect... almost to the point of it being annoying.


How do our Guardians vanquish every foe effortlessly? How have we become Crota's Bane, the Slayers of Oryx, Iron Wolves, and more without breaking a sweat? There's a theory floating around that attempts to explain this phenomenon, and it is very interesting.

"We should have already been there with the Iron lords and forged the Last City from the ashes of humanity," Redditor Velo_Dinosir explained, noting that we've accomplished so much in such a short time that, presumably, our Guardian's Light would've been discovered almost immediately. "But instead, when the world is on the brink of succumbing to the weight, we rise. We should have been found in Old Russia long before any major post collapse event happened. But we never were."


Then Velo_Dinosir dropped this bomb of a theory.

"That is because we were not in Old Russia until after The Great Ahamkara Hunt," they said. "We are not Human or Exo or Awoken. Our Guardian is actually the first and only risen Wish Dragon."

For the uninitiated, the "Wish Dragon" this Redditor speaks of is actually what's called an Ahamkara. These are dragon-like creatures in the Destiny universe capable of granting wishes from others. It sounds a little bonkers at first to believe our Guardians are actually Ahamkara, but there are actually two bits of information supporting this otherwise wild theory:

1) Ahamkara are shapeshifters, which means they can take the form of a human if they so choose.

2) Our Guardians have granted every single wish asked of them.

That second bit is where your mind might become blown a bit. If you think about every mission we've been tasked with as a wish, then yes, we've granted every single one of them. Is someone wishing for Crota to be dead? Done. Does Osiris wish for Saint-14 to be saved from his death in the Infinite Forest? No problem. Our reliability is what has made us legend. In a short time, we've accomplished more than any other Guardian in existence.


It really makes you think, doesn't it?

We're not sure how true this theory is, nor how we'd learn whether it's true or not. Should we manage to find some more evidence pushing one way or the other, though, we'll definitely let you know.