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Fallout: New Vegas Secret Uncovered By Speedrunner

Many of the Fallout games feature a voiceover from actor Ron Perlman as he contemplates the players' actions. The Narrator always ends with the ominous statement, "War... War never changes." One thing that has changed is how we may view the endings of these games, thanks to a speedrunner with the handle "tomatoangus."


During the latest Games Done Quick charity event, tomatoangus took a rapt crowd through a glitch-filled run through the Fallout Anthology collection. As he went through each game, he amused the audience by pointing out small quirks and oddities hidden in them. By far the most interesting of these came at the very end of his speedrun of Fallout: New Vegas. 

By exploiting a glitch and enabling the player's controls during the game's final cutscenes, tomatoangus revealed that the player can actually stand up and back away from the cutscene. Doing so reveals that the final moments of the game are actually a slideshow being shown on a projector screen to the player in a first-person perspective.


As if that weren't revelatory enough, tomatoangus then directed his character around the other side of the projector screen, revealing an old man reciting the game's narration. Moving the cursor over this old fellow revealed his named to be "Ron the Narrator," named after the actor voicing him. It was further explained by tomatoangus that the Narrator can be killed and dragged away, but that he'll eventually find his way back to the room. 

This is far from the first time tomatoangus has made history by playing through the Fallout games. He holds a world record for beating the entire Fallout Anthology in under two hours. This led to his application for Games Done Quick, the organizers of which asked that he change his original, slightly cruder screenname before participating. He is also notable for holding the record for a "sex%" speedrun, which is based upon how soon into the game a player can — ahem — consummate a relationship. Tomatoangus notably bedded every available romance option in the game and completed his playthrough in under a half hour.

Gamers... Gamers, please never change.