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Monstrum 2 - What We Know So Far

If you enjoy multiplayer survival horror games with a Lovecraftian twist, Monstrum 2 is the game you've been waiting for. Set on a 1970s era sea fortress, this procedurally generated labyrinth will pit 4 players against a player-controlled monster. You'll attempt to escape from nightmarish settings by utilizing your environment and working together with your fellow victims to outsmart, outrun, or outgun your enemy. 


Monstrum 2 promises to deliver the aspects fans loved about the first game while introducing new gaming mechanics, monsters, settings, and scenarios to keep the concept fresh. The title will release for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X, with options to play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and you can already add it to your Steam wishlist. Here's all you need to know about the Monstrum 2 release date, trailer, gameplay, and location.

What is Monstrum 2's release date?

According to developer Junkfish, PC users can expect to get their hands on Monstrum 2 in late 2020, with console versions slated to follow. This release window makes sense given the planned launch for next-gen consoles, as both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will arrive at around the same time. While the wait seems long, hopefully the enhanced capabilities of the new systems will deliver a richer gaming experience.


Is there a trailer for Monstrum 2?

Junkfish released an announcement teaser for Monstrum 2 in May 2019. At only 21 seconds long, the trailer doesn't provide much insight about the story or gameplay. Based on the first game, you can expect a dark and foreboding atmosphere with plenty of nightmarish monsters to haunt your thoughts long after you finish playing.


What will Monstrum 2's gameplay be like?

Monstrum 2 is a four versus one survival horror game. Players will act as either a victim attempting to escape from the 1970s era sea fortress, or they'll play as the monster, stalking the other players and trying to kill them one by one. Where the first Monstrum game had three different monsters you could pick from, the second title promises to have even more, including one intended for the original but eventually scrapped. The labyrinthine layout of the levels will give players plenty of opportunities to get lost while trying to escape. It will also give the monster plenty of opportunities to use the players' confusion and disorientation against them.


Monstrum 2 will require extensive teamwork on the part of the four victims. The developers wanted to create a realistic environment in which players would have to work together to solve problems and survive. This only adds to the sense of desperation you experience when you know the monster is getting closer with every botched attempt at communication. Your life will depend on your ability to play well with others.

Where will Monstrum 2 be set?

The events of Monstrum 2 unfold on a "sea fortress." While this term may conjure up images of cruise ships or oil rigs, the lab where players will be running for their lives is much more intricate than that. Resembling a large factory, the sea fortress is a sprawling maze of labs and hallways. Though the interior might trick players into feeling like they're on land in a somewhat familiar setting, the fact that the building is in the middle of the ocean will dash those delusions and add to the feeling of isolation and hopelessness. Hopefully you aren't scared of the water.