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Here's When The Surge 2's DLC Will Be Unleashed

Fans of The Surge and its sequel won't have to wait long for their next trip into that terrifyingly violent vision of the future. 

The official Twitter account for The Surge posted a teaser trailer for The Surge 2's new DLC, The Kraken. This was accompanied by an announcement that read, "Explore the mysteries behind a beached military vessel and discover a brand-new story line with new weapons and enemies!"

While that description doesn't tell us a whole lot, the footage on display is certainly impressive. The Kraken appears to be serving up more of the dystopian action fans have come to expect from The Surge. In between all of the battle scenes, there are shots of a wrecked drive-in theatre and the previously mentioned military vessel. We also see a few brief shots of giant robots towering over the city, hinting that the new DLC will feature the same sense of scale as the base game.

The Surge series has received praise for its world-building and Dark Souls-inspired combat systems. However, the games have also received criticism for level design, which IGN described in its review of The Surge 2 as "relatively samey." Hopefully that feeling of repetition will be alleviated by some of the new locations in this DLC. A beached shipwreck certainly appears to be an exciting change of pace for a series that typically deposits players in old warehouses and run-down city streets.

Players who purchase a Season Pass for The Surge 2 will be granted 48 hours early access to the new DLC. Season Pass holders will also receive thirteen exclusive weapons and three new gear sets. Whether or not these new toys will come in handy will become very clear when The Surge 2 releases The Kraken for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on Jan. 16.