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Call Of Duty Player Bongos His Way To Victory

Yes, you read that correctly. As part of his series "Controller Bending," streamer Super Louis 64 managed to conquer playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare using a DK Bongos drum controller.

For those unfamiliar with the peripheral, the DK Bongos were designed to be used with the Donkey Konga game series. They worked exactly how one would expect: similarly to a Rock Band drum, players would beat on the drums to the rhythm and pressure required by the game. In other words, they're the last kind of controller one would expect to be useful when playing a shooter game that requires careful aiming and movement.


Though some of his movements were limited by the simple interface, Super Louis 64 managed to map the game's controls to the Bongos. By using one drum to move, the other to aim, and the start button to fire, he managed to mow his way through enemy soldiers. Hilariously, the controller's microphone was used to throw grenades, turning the act of clapping or shouting into a death sentence for his foes.

The limitations from using this controller included the inability to aim down sights or sprint. It's a miracle that anyone could start a match with these limitations, much less successfully defeat other players with more conventional controllers.

Even Super Louis 64 himself seemed shocked that he managed to make this function as intended. Near the beginning of the video, he laughs and utters a shocked "I guess it works!"


This isn't the first time Super Louis 64 has entertained his viewers by beating a classic shooter with an unconventional peripheral. Last year, he also conquered the main campaign of Halo 3 (on its highest difficulty) with a Guitar Hero controller. Hopefully he doesn't stop here. It would be truly amazing to see what Super Louis 64 could accomplish with Call of Duty: Black Ops, a Tony Hawk skateboard controller, and a dream.