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Fallout 76 Players Are Adopting Monsters

There are all manner of big, beastly creatures roaming around Fallout 76's post-apocalyptic Appalachia. But rather than hunt these monsters, some players want to befriend them. Doing so is difficult, and sometimes disappointing, but those within The Couriers Adoption Agency are willing to put in the hard work.


The Couriers work as trustworthy middlemen in the Fallout 76 world. They can help to broker high stakes deals, and be trusted not to run off with your items. The Couriers Adoption Agency is a sister to this group of dedicated players. Operating as a kind of animal shelter, the agency tames some of the biggest and baddest creatures for the sake of turning them into loyal, lovable buddies. Started by Kat Pender on Facebook, the agency "is the place to adopt that mighty deathclaw you've always wanted, or that slimy snallygaster. Want to prance around camp with a giant sloth or a tomcat? Let our team find you that perfect companion."

Yes, you can adopt deathclaws and scorchbeasts. These things are, at first, rather hostile. You can't even begin to try to approach one until you have the Animal Friend perk, which only attainable after level 30. Then there comes some extra leveling and a whole heap of patience. You never know when another creepy critter might happen along and kill the radtoad that you're trying to tame.


Pender is fine with the ups and downs of deathclaw taming. That's why she founded the Couriers Adoption Agency, which pairs players with tamed beasties. All that Pender and the gang ask for in return is for players to "Provide your Adopted animal with a safe and loving environment with plenty of room to roam."

The Couriers and the Couriers Adoption Agency might account for how Fallout 76 still boasts a healthy player base despite the incredible number of scandals marring its name. This past year was a rough one for Bethesda, but maybe things are looking up for Fallout 76.