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Apex Legends Is Adding These Awesome Limited-Time Modes

Apex Legends is starting the new year and decade off with a bang. The battle royale game just dropped a new trailer welcoming players to the "Grand Soirée Arcade Event." As is typical for Apex Legends, the trailer shows off plenty of chaotic action and the game's trademark sense of humor. From the looks of things, it's going to be a grand time, indeed.


Starting next week on Jan. 14, Apex Legends will be introducing seven different limited-time modes to the game. Each one will be available for only two days before the next mode is swapped in. 

The first mode is "Gold Rush Duos," a one-on-one battle with gold weapons only. This is followed by "Third-Person Mode," which looks to be fascinatingly disorienting for players who have gotten used to the game's usual perspective. "Armed & Dangerous: World's Edge" makes players choose between sniper rifles and shotguns, but only gives them limited armor.

Up next is "Kings Canyon After Dark," which appears to be more of a traditional battle royale match with a moodier setting. "Dummies Big Day" sees players mowing down hordes of animated practice dummies. "Live. Die. Live." automatically respawns teammates as the ring closes at the end of a match. 


Speaking of which, the final limited-time mode is "Always Be Closing." This mode sounds like the most nerve-wracking of all, as the ring appears to never stop shrinking throughout the match. In fact, it appears to be shrinking at a relatively fast pace, as we see several characters racing away from it.

In addition to all of these fun modes, Apex Legends will also be offering a rotating line of new cosmetic items during the event. Many of these appear to have 1920s and Art Deco-inspired designs, reflecting the new decade. 

In other words, Apex Legends has a little something for everyone in the Grand Soirée.