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Konami Is Jumping On The Critter Catching Game Train

It seems like everyone and their grandmother wants to make their own Pokemon clone. Konami is the latest developer to jump on the critter catching game train with the newly announced Solomon Program.


Konami trademarked Solomon Program back in December. Now, more definite proof that Konami is working on a game has surfaced. A spread in the Japanese magazine Monthly CoroCoro Comic gave a sneak peek of Solomon Program. In the game, players control and battle monsters with the help of computer programs, a concept that sounds a lot like Digimon. Those who have seen the article firsthand have also compared the monster designs to Digimon, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!.

They have also speculated that the design of the article implies Solomon Program will eventually come to the Nintendo Switch; the graphics feature the rather telling A and B buttons. Konami hasn't spilled any of these beans themselves, but work has apparently been well under way on this project. The upcoming RPG will have a demo code available for MiraCoro Comic Ver. 2 readers later in January.


It should be noted that Monthly CoroCoro Comic and MiraCoro Comic Ver. 2 often include big Pokemon reveals. Past revelations included the latest Pokemon generation's starters and the size and scope of Sword and Shield's Wild Area. Placing Solomon Program in the magazine used for big Pokemon news is kind of telling as to the direction Konami is going. 

Despite not making any announcements itself, Konami might think it has the next Pokemon or Yokai Watch on their hands: the spread says there's a serial comic for Solomon Program also in the works. This is a lot of news for a title gamers have just learned about in the West. Hopefully, there will be more news soon, like a peek at the demo that releases in Japan on January 17.