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PlayStation 5 Reveal Rumors Swirl Thanks To Dinner Photo

Can a seemingly innocent dinner fuel speculation about the reveal of a new video game console? If those people are well known in the PlayStation community — and that console is the PlayStation 5 — then yes, it apparently can.


Behold the following photo, published to Twitter by Kinda Funny's Greg Miller last night.

It just looks like some friends hanging out, right? Pictured are Miller; his wife, Gen; former IGN editor Andrew Goldfarb; and current Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida. All have known each other for quite a while — with Miller and Goldfarb specifically having worked at IGN together – and all have been known to pal around outside of industry events. In that regard, this is nothing earth-shattering.

But some have noted that Goldfarb now the chief of communications at Sony studio Sucker Punch. With Yoshida present, that actually brings the PlayStation employee count up to two. Both being in San Francisco at the same time has some believing the PlayStation 5 reveal could be imminent. Add that to the fact that Miller has been known to host events from time to time, and suddenly you have a recipe for wild rumor-mongering.


It's probably nothing.

PlayStation's main office is located in San Mateo, CA, a short drive south from San Francisco. Studio employees likely visit that office on a regular basis without it making headlines. Friends also have dinner with friends without it becoming a major news story. More importantly: no press outlets have reported a peep about a PS5 reveal. We have a feeling there will be announcements, invites, and so forth that offer more than a day or two of notice.

There is definitely a hunger for more information about the PlayStation 5. People want more specs. Players want to know what it looks like. What has Sony been cooking up for the next generation?

As of now, the only cooking we have details on is Shuhei Yoshida's. He brought dessert.