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Harry Potter Fans Have A New Reason To Play Minecraft

Minecraft just got a little more magical. Harry Potter fans have been toiling away for years on a mod that places the Wizarding World directly into Minecraft. The Floo Network's Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is an impressive build on the outside, and is even more amazing once you dig into the details.


Yesterday, the modder group known as The Floo Network released a gameplay trailer that shows off their hard work: Hogwarts rendered in incredible, but blocky detail. This castle is far from empty: there are floating candles, moving staircases, and wandering students galore. What's more is that the magic really comes to life in this mod. Players are able to cast familiar spells like Lumos and complete puzzles and quests using their wits and wands. Just look out for screaming mandrakes on the way. This magical Minecraft adventure can be played alone, or with friends. Feel free to assemble your very own Golden Trio.

You're not confined to the grounds of Hogwarts, either. Players can explore the wider wizarding world and give Diagon Alley a visit. Hogsmeade, the Ministry of Magic, Muggle London, and even secret locals like, well, the Chamber of Secrets are also available to search for loot, quests, and mysteries. Did we mention that you can also fly around on your own Nimbus 2000? 


The Floo Network has created something incredible. According to the trailer, they are hoping to release this mod — for free — sometime later this month. It's an undertaking over six years in the making. Until then, the modders encourage prospective players to check out their Discord for updates or support their efforts on Patreon. Remember: this is not mere map, it's a fully-fledged game.

It's been a long time, maybe too long, since a new Harry Potter game has released. This might scratch the mystical itch that players have had since the last Harry Potter title came out a millennia (read: seven years) ago.