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Doom Eternal Definitely Looks Like More Doom

In just over two months, we'll have another modern-day Doom at the ready, and it won't look anything like the old-school Doom you might remember. Doom Eternal will be fast-paced and gorgeously gory, and in a new trailer released today, you can see exactly what we're talking about.


We can't help but feel, though, that Doom Eternal looks a lot like 2016's Doom.

The game still looks like it'll be a blast to play — don't get us wrong. There are still swarms of demons rushing at you, inviting you to rush back with just as much vigor. You'll still have loads of weapons at your disposal in order to slay said demons in the most fantastically gruesome way possible. And the scenery has changed somewhat slightly, as Doom Eternal centers around taking back our home planet. It's literal "Hell on Earth," but given all the fire, it doesn't look like anything totally new.

But aside from some new movement mechanics — dashing, climbing, etc. — there doesn't appear to be a lot we haven't seen before. Bethesda promises there will be a whole bunch of new demon types, but are you really looking at the demons for any significant amount of time before you blow them to pits or saw them into multiple pieces? You see the demon, you murder the demon, and you move on to the next demon. You don't exchange pleasantries.


Still, maybe that's the point. Maybe Doom was a game you could just shoot and stab your way through without thinking too hard, and Doom Eternal will be a continuation of that. A lot of gamers loved Doom. A lot of critics loved Doom, too. It did all the right things to reinvent the franchise and put that name back near the top when talking about awesome shooters.

Doom Eternal doesn't look to be messing with that formula too much. We'll see if that's what players ultimately want when the game arrives on March 20.