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Cute Pokemon Become Creepy Cakes On This Cooking Show

On the latest episode of Food Network Challenge, a group of bakers had to bake 'em all. The challenge was to create two Pokemon-shaped cakes to pose together in a battle scene. Sounds fun, right? 

As is usually the case with competitions like this one, some of the contestants (and their monsters) fared far better than others. In fact, a few of these edible creatures were just plain upsetting to look at.


Let's start with the good: one of the more exciting creations was a Bulbasaur that actually "performed" a Razor Leaf attack. There was also a Squirtle that appeared rather on-point, despite being absurdly tall, as well as the happiest Mudkip you ever did eat.

However, some of our favorite Pocket Monsters looked like they needed to report to the nearest Pokemon Center for immediate treatment. For one, there was a malnourished-looking Chikorita with club feet that would simply break Nurse Joy's heart. Meanwhile, one contestant baked a Litten that looked like it was having an existential crisis. It stood on its hind legs and had its head titled ever so slightly down, like it was trying to figure out what the point of all of this was.


Don't get the wrong idea — even the less perfect cakes are still a feat to be applauded, particularly from some of these bakers who aren't intimately familiar with the franchise. It's just that some of the details are off by just enough to give true Pokemaniacs a moment's pause.

Despite the hit or miss execution, it's hard to shake the feeling that Food Network might be onto something here. Perhaps it's not too late for the recently announced Pokemon Sword and Shield expansions to include a baking mini-game of some kind? Rumor has it that the bonbons in the Isle of Armor are simply delightful.

You can stream the full "Pokemon Cakes" episode right here on the Food Network site.