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PUBG's New Map Is Small But Mighty

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is about to get bigger — but just by a little. The smallest map ever is coming to the game along with a whole heap of new updates for season six. This minuscule new island map, called Karakin, is apparently going to be the most intense, mad scrabble map PUBG has ever seen.


Because of Karakin's itty bitty size, only 64 players will be able to populate the island at one time. Karakin offers a "higher tension, faster pace" area for battle, with mountains, cities, and even some underground passages. Spooky. As if that wasn't enough, the devs have decided to add in a new mechanic: Black Zones.

This brand new hazard is meant to make players really feel the tension and stress of close quarters combat. Random areas will be targeted by missiles, effectively blowing everyone's cover. (And blowing all the buildings to bits, too.) Speaking of blowing things to bits, Karakin also adds in sticky bombs that won't be available anywhere else. On the island, you'll find that certain buildings have walls and floors that can be blown to smithereens by sticky bombs. This can offer quick escapes, new lines of sight, and might just reveal a secret area or two. Again, spooky.


Karakin is just one of many new additions coming with season six. This latest update, now live on the test server, adds in a pretty sweet yellow motor glider. It's already available in game, popping up in ten random locations on the Erangel and Miramar maps. It has two seats, allowing for players to team up and rain down bullets from above. Godspeed, guys.

There's also a new Survivor Pass called Shakedown. This adds in new cosmetics, community missions, and more. All of these shiny new additions are currently on the test servers, but will be available to everyone (on PC) on Jan. 22. Console players will get the update soon after.