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This Terrifying Game Proves That Looks Are Deceiving

While some games are trying for incredibly lifelike, detailed, 60 frames-per-second gameplay, others are okay with doing things old school. Really old school. World of Horror looks like it might've been crafted in Microsoft Paint (which it was), but it is nevertheless one of the most anticipated RPG horror games coming to PC this year.


World of Horror is officially launching on Steam Early Access on Feb. 20. Later this year, players brave enough to play will find it on the Switch and PlayStation 4. This later release will add in new elements and features sure to terrify. This is a game clearly inspired by the works of Japanese horror master Junji Ito, if the screenshots and description are anything to go off of. There's a little Lovecraft thrown in, too. Yes, tentacles are included in the $15 price tag.

In World of Horror, residents of a seaside Japanese town will be pitted against dark rituals and eldritch horrors in ten different mysteries with procedurally generated events. The game chooses the adventure for you, as it were. Developer Ysbryd Games describes the rest as follows.


"Navigate this nightmare roguelite reality with turn-based combat," the game's description reads. "Each of the five playable characters available in Early Access has their own stats and perspective on the horrors unfolding in their hometown. Defeat gruesome bosses, all illustrated and animated with disturbing images made in Microsoft Paint with a classic 1-bit graphic style."

The new trailer shows off that art, letting players glimpse the horrors waiting for them. Even if its just black and white and 1-bit, the ghosts, ghouls, and creatures in the trailer are downright disturbing. Players will have to reckon with these ugly mugs while rustling around for clues, searching for signs, and unraveling the mysterious of their not-so-normal town. 

Until the Feb. 20 Early Access release, horror buffs will have to wait and watch the trailer for clues as to how they can survive World of Horror.