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Another PS4 Exclusive Could Follow Horizon Zero Dawn To PC

Yesterday we got word that Horizon Zero Dawn could be coming to PC sometime in 2020. That news was shocking enough on its own, but it seems Guerrilla's open world adventure game may not be the only big PS4 exclusive making the jump to another platform.


Tom Phillips, the news editor over at Eurogamer, dropped this curious little hint yesterday that people are now starting to pick up on.

"Horizon will be followed by others down the road – you don't need to Dream too hard to guess," Phillips wrote in a tweet.


Phillips certainly seems to be suggesting that Media Molecule's Dreams could eventually make its way to PC at some point, which honestly would make a lot of sense. Dreams creators would seemingly have an easier time developing content for the title on PC using keyboard and mouse, and such a move would help draw more players into the game's community.

More than that, though: Sony adding another one of its PS4 exclusives to PC could signal the start of a trend. If it were only Horizon Zero Dawn, you could chalk that up to being a one-off; a way for Sony to cash in further on a years-old title. Dreams isn't even officially out yet.


Perhaps Sony is finally realizing it can sell its internally developed titles to more people while still selling PlayStations. PC gamers aren't always console gamers, too. And in some cases, they don't want to be.

As for where Phillips got this information — we can't say. It's also somewhat strange this was mentioned on Twitter and not in a Eurogamer article. At any rate, we'll definitely be keeping an eye out for any official word from Sony. If the company does indeed move ahead with these plans, we'll have a lot of very happy PC gamers in our midst.