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Destiny 2 Somehow Fixed This Weapon And Also Made It Worse

In the video game equivalent of trying to put out a grease fire with water, Destiny accidentally made an overpowered weapon even stronger. 

One of the most powerful weapons in the game in recent memory is the exotic Wish-Ender Bow. Unfortunately, this popularity stemmed from an unintended bug that caused the bow to dish out an absurd amount of damage. This basically made whoever snagged it an unstoppable arrow-firing machine, so Bungie quickly stepped in to try to nip the problem in the bud.


Fixing this was an unpopular decision among fans. "Whenever there's a bug that benefits players, it seems to be a top priority fix," wrote Forbes' Paul Tassi, "yet other long-running bugs are ignored."

It appeared as though a recent update for the game had significantly de-powered the Wish Ender. However, some players have found a bizarre loophole that not only does extra damage, but it makes the original version of the Wish-Ender look like weak sauce in comparison.

As explained by Reddit user NVIAMD, firing the Wish Ender through a penetrable non-player model does up to twelve times the weapon's intended damage. It turns out that this was not just an isolated incident. A YouTube video from Profane Productions shows the bug in action.


"Once fixed, twice broken," says Profane in the video. "The Wish-Ender damage buff is back and this time, it's on steroids, guys." 

That description couldn't be more apt, as seen when Profane begins dealing out thousands of points of damage with single shots. This begs the question of whether or not this bug will receive a prompt fix, as well. One Reddit user is predicting that Bungie will give up on the Wish-Ender all together and remove it from the game. 

At the moment, Bungie is likely too preoccupied with its humanitarian efforts to tackle the latest Wish-Ender bug. The company recently announced its intentions to raise money for disaster relief benefiting those effected by the Australian wildfires.