This Dead Nintendo Console Is Getting A New Game

For some unexplained reason, the Wii U keeps occasionally lurching back to life. According to a new rating on the ESRB's website, it appears that a port of last year's Shakedown: Hawaii is headed to the Wii U. It has been rated T for mild language, drug references, and violence. 


This isn't the only recent addition to the Wii U's bizarre growing game library. Earlier this month saw the release of Regina & Mac, a platformer in the style of a Nintendo 64 title, which was created specifically for the Wii U. That was certainly a surprise, but who would have thought we'd be getting another Wii U title in the immediate future? Also, it seems like these two games are very different from one another, so we can rule out the idea that Nintendo is somehow trying to reposition the Wii U for a new audience. The whole affair is just bizarre.

Perhaps the biggest question people have when they see a new Wii U game in 2020 is "why?" The Wii U was a relatively notorious failure by Nintendo standards. From underwhelming ports of AAA games that played awkwardly on the system's GamePad to an original library of games that didn't appeal to casual gamers, the Wii U just never quite caught on. Adding to those troubles were the marketing woes that led to people being unsure of what exactly the console did. People couldn't tell if it was portable or stationary, among other odd little miscommunications.


Nintendo's current foray into consoles, the hybrid portable Nintendo Switch, has fared much better since it launched. That's why it's kind of odd to see someone go through the trouble of releasing a new title for the Wii U. Imagine Sony putting out a new PSP game, or walking into a Target and seeing a brand new title for the Atari Jaguar.

For whatever reason, Shakedown: Hawaii will be headed to the Wii U at some point in the future. Enjoy?