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Apex Legends Pulls The Ultimate Bait And Switch

Apex Legends just murdered its supposed new character. Next up!

In a video posted on YouTube today by the official Apex Legends account, we got a look at what most assumed was backstory for James "The Forge" McCormick. This supremely confident man — and his robotic arm — appeared poised to join the roster of Respawn's battle royale shooter at the start of Season 4. Even the description on the YouTube video talked about how eager The Forge was to "make his mark in the Arena."


Thanks to Revenant — a mysterious character from the Apex universe – he sure left marks. And that was before he even had a change to make his first jump and battle the other Legends. Revenant appeared behind The Forge during a TV interview and gored him with a sharp appendage. Just like that, Apex Legends appeared to have a new new character set to debut in Season 4.

And the best part? Unlike Forge — whose "data" was mined to pieces — Revenant is a total mystery.

What are Revenant's abilities? What does he want with the Apex Games? We honestly don't know. All we know is that, for months now, people have been finding clues here and there that Revenant might eventually be added to the roster. In fact, many players were all but certain — at least before Forge's introduction — that Revenant would be the next Legend.


The appearance of Forge caused a bit of an uproar in the Apex Legends community, with many expressing a desire to see Revenant show up in Season 4 instead. It looks like those players are going to get their wish. We do have one question, though — is Forge really not going to be in the game? Did Respawn really go through all that work — planting data in the game, coming up with assets, and so on — just to have this guy get offed?

If so, that is positively brilliant. Hats off, Respawn.

We'll be sure to update as soon as more information on Revenant becomes available. Apex Legends Season 4 drops on Feb 4.