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Here's What Pokemon Home Will Cost You

There's no getting around it — if you want to easily trade your Pokemon between titles and with others, you're going to want a Pokemon Home account. The good news is, there's a free tier of Pokemon Home. The bad news is, that free tier is so limited you'll probably want to pony up for Premium.


So what's that going to cost you? And what benefits will you get from Pokemon Home Premium? Let's take a look.

As it happens, a Premium account isn't going to break the bank. One month of the service rings up at just $2.99, and the longer you commit — by paying more up front — the cheaper it becomes. A three-month subscription will only set you back $4.99, for instance. If you go all-in for a full year, you'll pay just $15.99.

If you're a Pokemon die-hard, it'll likely be money well spent. The free version of Pokemon Home is getting kneecapped pretty hard.

As a free user, you won't be able to move Pokemon away from Pokemon Bank. You'll only be able to deposit 30 Pokemon total in Home. You'll have space for just three Pokemon in the Wonder Box. Only one Pokemon will be allowed in the Global Trade Station at a time. You'll be able to participate in, but not host, room trades. And if you think you're getting access to the Judge function — forget about it.


Pokemon Home Premium subscribers, however, will be living the good life. If you pay up, you'll have full access to all Pokemon in Pokemon Bank. You'll be able to deposit a staggering 6,000 Pokemon in Home. Wonder Box space increases to 10 Pokemon, Global Trade Station space gets bumped up to three, and you'll get to both host and participate in room trades, as well as use the Judge function.

You'll ultimately have to choose which plan best suits you. If you're a casual Pokemon player, it's entirely possible you could get by with just the free tier of Pokemon Home, or survive without using it at all. If you're a Pokemon catching, training, and trading machine, though, you might want to give Premium a look.

Pokemon Home is set to launch sometime in February.