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Destiny 2's Latest Bug Is Robbing Players

Glimmer used to be a joke back in the old days of Destiny. You had more than you knew what to do with and nothing to spend it on. This in-game currency is somewhat valuable now in Destiny 2, as are planetary materials. So you can understand the shock some players had when, after today's patch, they realized these key resources had gone missing.


Fortunately, Bungie appears to be acknowledging the issue and could even have the cause narrowed down.

"We're currently investigating an issue where players may have lost their Glimmer and/or various infusion materials after Update 4.7.1 went live," the studio posted earlier this afternoon. A short time later, Bungie followed up with a tweet stating, "We believe we have identified the cause of this issue and are working on a fix internally."

Right now, though? Many players are terrified to even log in. Some are taking the issue in stride, praising Bungie for getting right to work on an update. Others are frustrated, as it seems strange bugs are now a common occurrence after Destiny 2 patches.


A few are at least having some fun with the situation.

In case you're not a total Destiny addict, here's why Glimmer is important. It's basically the main currency of the game, and there's not a lot you buy that doesn't cost at least some Glimmer. Want to pick up some additional bounties for the day? That costs Glimmer. Want to change some mods on your armor? That costs Glimmer, too. Planetary materials are in the same boat. You need those to buy upgrade modules, for instance, so you can increase the power of your armor and weapons.

There's no word yet on when a fix might be inbound, but given how important these resources are to both Destiny 2's economy and its progression system, we're sure all hands are on deck to make things right.